Sunday, September 10, 2006

Simple things we can do as parents

  1. Communicate with teachers. Start an email correspondence with teacher in classes where your students are having problems. Ask them to identify your student’s weaknesses, and suggest on what they can do – come in for after-school help, study more effectively, proofread, turn in assignments on time…
  2. Identify resources: Based on teacher feedback, what type of support is available. After-school support/study hall where students can get help on homework and assignments, online homework links, teacher’s after-school or lunch-time hours, departmental resources, after school assistance.
  3. Seek 3-way Solutions: Arrange a parent-teacher-student conference to discuss your student’s progress and problems. See if you can all agree on concrete steps that can be taken and how you can work together.
  4. Extra Attention Before Quarter Ends: The last few weeks can be crucial for a student who is on the borderline. Check grades 2-3 three weeks before. If they are close, now is the time to ask teacher about dates of next assignments, quizzes, and tests. Help your student schedule extra time to study and complete all assignments.
  5. Get a Tutor: Explore tutoring, whether from upperclassmen, a classmate, another faculty member, or a paid tutor. Find someone who your student connects with and who can explain how to approach problems, clarify instructions, spot common mistakes and help them rectify them.
  6. Shift Student Mind Set: Getting extra help is the best way to find and fix problems. However, many students resist it. Sometimes parents have to arrange for and insist on student participation…until they can see results.
  7. Praise Success: We all like to succeed and be recognized. As grades improve, congratulate your student, teacher, and all those who have helped.


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