Monday, October 09, 2006

Does your kid have a cause or concern?

From the DoSomething site:

Talk, Talk, Talk
Do you sit down and share dinner as a family? Or, do you drive your kids to practice, school games, or church? These are great times to chat with your kids about how service can be cool and fun. Start by finding out what causes concern them.

Tick-tock. Teens have a ton of opinions, right? Ask your kids what they care about the most -- but make it fun. For example, say "If you had one minute with the Mayor (or person of your choice), what would you say?" Pretend you are that person and actually give your child 1 minute to talk to you.

Shoot for the Stars! Find out who (in sports/music/entertainment) is giving back to the community. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio is dedicated to environmental causes and even drives an electric car. Princess Diana spent a lot of time with AIDS babies, showing the world that they need love and affection. Lance Armstrong works hard to promote understanding of cancer survivors as strong, able-bodied people. Does your child admire someone? Who? Why?

Extra, Extra! Read all about it. Give everyone at the dinner table an article or a section from the day's newspaper. Before anyone gets dessert, each person must talk about one issue from the day and what he/she thinks about it.

If I Had a Million Dollars...Imagine a distant relative dies and leaves your kid 1 million dollars. But the will says, "You have to use it to make the world a better place." Ask how they would spend it.

Blast from the Past. Tell your kids about what you did when you were growing up. Chat about all of the issues that concerned you and your friends. This will help them get a handle on past problems vs. present problems.

The College Crunch! Tell your kids that 'doing good' might give them that extra nudge to get into a specific college. Helping others can also mean helping themselves in the long run. Check out the other kids on the DoSomething site.

Picture This! A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Sometimes you need to see it to believe it. Have a "World Photo of the Week" that you post on the fridge. Talk to your kids about how the photo makes them feel.


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