Friday, October 06, 2006

PTA Urges Parents to Ask Questions

PTA Urges Parents to Ask Questions, Take Action to Help Prevent Violence in Schools

From the National PTA website:

"All parents, students, school staff, and members of the community need to be a part of creating safe school environments for children. Many PTAs are working to identify the problems and causes of school violence and possible solutions for violence prevention.
Questions parents can ask about the safety of their school community include:
  • What is your child’s school procedure for getting information to parents during a crisis (website, phone tree, email, etc.)?
  • Does every teacher have a copy of emergency procedure clearly posted in the classroom? Is it reviewed with children?
  • Does your school practice emergency procedures with children? (much like a fire drill)
  • Does your child’s school review safety policy year-to-year? Does this review process involve parents?
  • How can I find out about community-wide violence prevention programs?
    Are there conflict management and peer mediation programs offered in school?

Additional resources on school safety and what parents can do to help children cope are available at"

See you at the Stop the Violence, Spread the Peace Youth Rally tomorrow at Butler High School.


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