Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Veterans Day

There are many things we can do to celebrate Veterans Day throughout the year.

Take a moment and send an email, provide pet foster care, send a care package, donate blood, donate frequent flyer miles, or volunteer in your community.
You can check out some of these links:
America Supports You
US Department of Veterans Affairs
US Army
US Marines
US Air Force
US Navy
Operation Military Pride
Xerox provides a Let's Say Thanks campaign
Armed Forces Network (AFN)

Here are a few practical ways to honor these heroes this Veterans Day
• Write a veteran a thank-you note, or send a letter to an entire VFW or American Legion post.
• Write a letter/Send an email to a Soldier currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.
• Talk to your children about who veterans are, what they do and what their service means to our country.
Thank you Veterans! We will never forget.


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