Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Response from the RCBOE

We received the response from the RCBOE through snail mail and through the Board's Agenda for May 11, 2007. The Meet and Greet was held January 18, 2007 and all Board members were present except for the Board President, Mr. Jimmy Atkins and Board Member, Marion Barnes. Their flight was delayed due to inclement weather.

We waited patiently on the Board to work with the many administrators who work in the Tower of Power to provide us with the correct responses to the questions presented. We ended up with a response that we had to submit to the State School Superintendent. Who can answer these questions if the School Board, the School Board Attorney, the administrators making $100, 000-$140,000, and the State Superintendent can't?

The response (or lack of) from the Board is available from the BHS PTSA web page for 2006-2007 Accomplishments